Ashley Curtis

My name is Ashley Curtis, and I am the creator of Good Bye, Nikki. I am a biracial woman from Oakland, CA with a degree in biology and an obsession with horror and science fiction films and novels. I have been a writer and story teller since I can remember. In third grade I recited my first "acclaimed" poem, The Monster Under My Ceiling, on stage in front of my whole school. I had a short and failed career as a writer of angry-love poetry, but my true calling is in story telling. In writing short stories I have found a sweet spot of not limiting myself to strict format and not discouraging myself from attempting an overwhelming 200 page project. Many of my short films are built from dreams, from feelings, and conversations over heard in public. I get ideas and create fantastical characters and I have to get them out of my head so I can move on to the next one,

In 2012, I completed my first novel, The Reason, about a young woman named Nikki who is struggling through life amidst trauma, death, depression and failed attempts at love. I wrote the short film Good Bye, Nikki in 2013 about a very similar character of the same name. I had previously not written any screenplays, but was encouraged to do so by a producer in Los Angeles who took interest in my writing.

I wrote the original film, Good Bye, Nikki, not as typical horror, but as an expression of the every day torment I was experiencing at that point in my life. My original vision recreated elements of The Blair Witch Project (1999) and Cloverfield (2008). But overall I wanted to convey my greatest fear: What if I disappeared and nobody noticed.

Andrew Stepp

Interested in writing and filmmaking from an early age, I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Major is Media Arts and a Minor in Film Studies. I now live and work in Los Angeles with over ten years of experience in different areas of production and development.

I want to explore the nature of society and its impact on the individual, sometimes through the dark and sometimes through the absurd-- but above all creating work that is compelling, thought-provoking and honest.



Good Bye, Nikki: The Interactive Series

The Cast and Crew

Written by Ashley Curtis and Andrew Stepp
Directed and Edited by Andrew Stepp
Special Effects by Victoria Wilson
Camera "The Party" - Jeff Driggers
Script Supervisor "The Party" - Veejah Purnell


Sammie Listoe as Aiden
Luke Loving as Alistair
Melinda Ratner as Amanda
Jennifer Finchum as Charlie
Royce Shockley as Jeff
Hannah Gansen as Jen



Kelsey Munger as Kyla
Grey Rodriguez as Kyle
Emma Servant as Sheila
Sarah Casey as Amber
Ashley Curtis as Nikki